The Start of Something Meaningful

The Sound Doctrine Summit was established in 2013 as a means of encouraging Christians from different parts of the country.  However, after discussion and much prayer, it was decided that a second location of the Sound Doctrine Summit be implemented; therefore, the East Coast Sound Doctrine Summit was formed.  The idea of the SUMMIT as it is affectionately called is designed to provide a venue for increased awareness and understanding of the scriptures centered on specific subjects.  There are several components to the SUMMIT. The day is separated into sections, each with a specific purpose con­sisting of General Sessions, High Noon Speakers, and the Evening Sessions.  There are two principles that the SUMMIT rests on. The first is “Standing on Truth” and the other; “Serving with Love.” With so much of our religious climate moving away from the absolute truth of God’s eternal and inerrant word it is our goal to encourage God’s people to trust the truth. Coupled with truth is love and our respective service. Each participant is encouraged to serve with a loving disposition based on what the scriptures actually says instead of what some say it says!


Year    Location            Dates                 Theme

2013   Little Rock, AR,   July 14-19, 2013     The Power & Privilege of True New Testament Worship

2014   Little Rock, AR,   July 13-18, 2014     Fighting for the Faith in Times of Famine

2015   Little Rock, AR,   July 12-17, 2015     Adorning the Doctrine of God

2016   Little Rock, AR,   July 9-14, 2016      My Doctrine is Not Mine

2016   Charlotte, NC,     October 2-5, 2016    Adhering to the Apostles’ Doctrine

2018   Charlotte, NC,     July 22-25, 2018     Liberty without a License

2019   Little Rock, AR,   July 28-31, 2019     By What Authority

2020   Little Rock, AR,   July 26-29, 2020     Walking in the Way of the Lord's Choosing

2021   Little Rock, AR,   July 25-28, 2021     Exposing Spiritual Difference... Pandemic Times

2022   Little Rock, AR,   July 24-27, 2022     The Lord has Told us What to Do!

2023   Little Rock, AR,   July 23-26, 2023     Our Divine Distinction is being Destroyed

2024   Little Rock, AR,   July 28-31, 2024     The Church of Christ in all Her Glory